Hundreds of 3D printers are printing a dinosaur, we are going to introduce him in the National Museum in Prague


The nearly six-meter-long Pla(s)teosaurus will watch the awarding of the SDG Awards to the best sustainable projects, which will take place on October 13, 2022 in the building of the National Museum in Prague. Produced by the Association of Social Responsibility in collaboration with Plastenco and PETMAT, the model of the prehistoric giant lizard will be made up of more than 420 parts from recycled plastic printed by 3D printers, and will become the symbol of the Association's "Don't Choose Extinction" campaign, with a clear message of climate action and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

If you met a DPD car somewhere on the roads during the first week of August, it is possible that a piece of dinosaur passed you by. Hundreds of shipments with hundreds of parts printed by 3D printers all over the Czech Republic were heading to the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University. Together, they are now putting something unprecedented together like a puzzle – an almost six meter long statue of Pla(s)teosaurus.

At the faculty, the individual parts are currently being assembled into meter-long sheets and mounted on the skeleton. One piece was printed from recycled PET for approximately six hours under the lead of Plastenco design and PETMAT, which brought the printers together. The Pla(s)teosaurus will officially see the daylight on October 13th at the SDG Awards, a prestigious award in sustainability for projects that change the world for the better. The SDG Awards are awarded by the Association of Social Responsibility for the sixth time already, this time at the National Museum in Prague.

When a dinosaur can teach us…

This year, the ceremony of the SDG Awards is preceded by the Global Goals Summit 2022, organized by the Association of Social Responsibility and DVTV at the National Museum, the event of the year in sustainability with international participation. Speakers from the Czech Republic and all over the world will gather at a place that is a symbol of history. As part of the interactive program, they will also try to answer the question of how to learn from history and how to prevent the irreversible loss of the entire biosphere. How not to allow polar bears, coral reefs and other fauna and flora to become the same unseen rare sight as dinosaurs are today.

Dinosaurs were killed by an asteroid and the subsequent imbalance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A similar scenario is now unfolding in front of our eyes due to global warming and climate change. “After 66 million years, we are giving the plateosaur a word again, although we already know in advance what he is going to tell us in October. Don’t choose extinction, that’s his message. And because we have countless people around us who want to do something, who are looking for inspiration and, above all, who have the power to motivate their loved ones, friends, and colleagues to action, we have chosen the plateosaurus, whose younger brother Pla(s)teosaurus can convey his message to us. How we deal with him as a society is up to us,” explained by Lucie Mádlová, founder and director of the Association of Social Responsibility.

The Pla(s)teosaurus will be composed of 420 parts printed by more than 100 owners of 3D printers in the Czech Republic. They used 150 kg of recycled plastic filament for the print, which took more than 2 500 hours in total, which is the equivalent of about 6 000 PET bottles. The model will be the largest community work of 3D printers in the Czech Republic. Due to its uniqueness, it is applying for entry into the Guinness Book of Records.