Join the free educational program about SDGs


Become a part of a community to keep up with sustainability. The aim of the SDGs Academy is to provide you with practical skills on selected topics and to connect you with experts and other sustainable projects.

You will go through a series of educational events with top experts in the field of sustainability. Mentors will help selected projects to identify challenges that could hamper them in the development and fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We prepared an online library with additional materials so everyone who is interested can study about the topic.

The SDGs Academy was prepared by the Association of Social Responsibility in cooperation with the Impact Hub Czech Republic and is open for free for everybody.


  1. A series of 4 interactive events – you will have the opportunity to meet the most successful ones in the field at each of the events and discuss what helped them achieve their impact. You can only choose courses that are beneficial for you, but of course we will be happy if you complete them all.
  2. Individual consultations – you can also use the know-how of experts for individual consultations. If you are interested in feedback on your activities and inspiration on how to move forward in sustainability, don’t forget to sign up. The number is limited to 20 consultations during one event.
  3. Networking – you will use the power of the community and you will be able to develop your project based on newly acquired contacts to experts and other sustainable projects.
  4. Online library – we will share with you verified and useful sources of information within each event. You will have access to lecture transcripts and other online study materials so that you do not miss any important information.


The SDGs Academy is open to the general public, free of charge.

Individual expert consultations are prepared for participants in all years of the SDGs Awards and for members of the Association of Social Responsibility. The number of consultations is limited, priority will be given to projects registered in the SDGs Awards 2021.


April 22, 2021- the Earth DayHow to help restore the planet?

May 13, 2021How to be beneficial and successful?

June 8, 2021How to make sustainable production and consumption?

October 7, 2021What is the future of education in the Czech Republic?