On May 5, the whole world paid tribute to generosity. Social media was flooded with gratitude


On May 5, people around the world joined the global movement #GivingTuesdayNow and paid tribute to generosity and good deeds done during the coronavirus pandemic. On that day, social media was flooded with gratitude and significant buildings in the world were illuminated as a sign of global solidarity.

In the Czech Republic, the #GivingTuesdayNow was joined by individuals, cities and organizations across all sectors. The Association of Social Responsibility is national ambassador of #GivingTuesdayNow. Everyone took this day as an opportunity to thank for all the good deeds and all the help provided during the coronavirus pandemic. We were able to watch symbolic messages of gratitude online on social networks or directly live in the city centers.

In Prague, the Petřín Observation Tower, the Czernin Palace at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Museum and the Kampa Museum were illuminated in the colors of the tricolor on the occasion of the Global Day of Solidarity. The world-famous basilica Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and the Willis Tower in Chicago were light up as well. Another interesting act was made by the initiative Hrajeme do oken, which organized a musical concert. The music group Belfiato quintet performed the concert in one of the most beautiful courtyards in Prague, Široká 14, for its inhabitants. Similar concert will take place on May 18 in Palata, thanks to the support of Česká spořitelna.

A wave of solidarity and gratitude also broke out on social networks. Organizations and companies thanked health professionals, frontline workers, their supporters, volunteers, employees and everyone else who actively helped during the pandemic, either from home or in the field. People in the Czech Republic and around the world shared their good deeds and inspiring stories from this difficult period. You can find a map of good deeds that took place during #GivingTuesdayNow in our Dobromappka application. It traditionally maps meaningful and responsible services and products throughout the Czech Republic. It is now extended to include good deeds committed during the coronavirus crisis.

All events that took place as a part of the #GivingTuesdayNow could not go unnoticed by the media. Global Solidarity Day has become an interesting topic for journalists and television media. You could see articles and reports on the illumination of Czech monuments and beneficent activities of organizations on CNN Prima News, Týden.cz, ČTK, Reflex and others.

#GivingTuesdayNow sparked activity in more than 145 countries. Millions of people expressed their generosity through acts of kindness, donations of goods, time and money, notes of compassion, advocacy for causes, and care for family and friends. For instance, GivingTuesday Australia launched an ‘Ovation across the nation’ thanking frontline staff for helping throughout the crisis. TorontoGives organized a day to spread joy throughout the city by equipping residents with sidewalk chalk to leave messages of inspiration and cheerful images for their neighbors.

A big thank you goes to everybody who took part in the #GivingTuesdayNow. However, this special day of solidarity does not end the aid. Generosity and mutual support will be very important in the coming days, months and years. Some of the negative effects of the pandemic on individuals, families and organizations are just about to show in the long term. A recent survey of IPSOS (April 2020) suggests that donor support will decline slightly in the long run, because of economic downturn and income uncertainty. It is therefore extremely important to continue to support non-profit organizations and projects, which often replace the role of the state and without them the most vulnerable groups would remain completely dependent on themselves.

You will find inspiration on how to continue helping and supporting interesting projects on the Giving Tuesday Czech social networks, which brings news from the world of giving throughout the year. In the fall, feel free to join the traditional Giving Tuesday celebrations, which will take place on December 1, 2020 after Thanksgiving and the Black Friday shopping insanity.