Our Team

Lucie Mádlová

Lucie Madlova

Founder and Executive Director


In the very beginning, there was Lucie. A visionary brimming with ideas and energy that can be moderated only by pilates. The Association has not been her only innovative act. Thanks to her, Czechia resonates with the abbreviation SDGs. Lucie has her head in the clouds and, in fact, even within the framework of her personal mission - to spread awareness about global goals - she often does not stay "feet on the ground", as she is traveling a lot She never misses her signature red lipstick.

Julie Borovcová

Julie Borovcova

Operations Director

+420 607 279 323

Her pace goes from a trot, which will be suitable for fulfilling her dream of running a marathon, to the speed of Formula 1, of which she is a huge fan. Thanks to this, she knows everything about the members of the Association, tailors services to their needs, prepares events, manages the SDG Awards and is responsible for the direction of the entire platform. In addition, she has an overview of everything that is needed - from the place for stapler to the most important contracts.

Nikola pospíšilová

Nikola Pospisilova

marketing a sociální sítě

+420 605 138 862

Marketing and social networks receive the same care under Nikola's leadership as the houseplants she likes to take care of. Nikola likes balance in work and life. This is evident by trying out new yoga asanas, where she regains her balance and calmness. She enjoys both tables and analytics, as well as creativity and wordplay. She has her feet firmly planted on the ground, but is an adventurer at heart. She likes system and order, but at the same time she can go on a punk journey into the unknown place with the Ferda van.

Ivana Kolářová

Ivana Kolarova

membership and projects

+420 732 574 125

Ivana likes challenges. Half a year at the United Nations in New York City and many summer seasons in England have hardened Ivana enough that she won't give up just like that. And if something is not working, she always has a bar of chocolate with her, which she loves. Ivana likes to travel and get to know new regions and their cultures, as well as new and existing members of the Association, for whom she is a great support. A calmness and grace are Ivana's strengths with which she dances between the support of all projects, as well as during her favorite bachata.

Tereza Novosadová Ocetková

Tereza Novosadova Ocetkova

komunikace a PR

+420 739 283 983

Tereza and communication are perfect partners. Words whiz by on her keyboard at the same speed as the longboard she likes to ride. Appropriate connections jump out at her with every sip of good coffee she indulges in at work. It is a pleasure to work with Tereza. She also has an overview thanks to the newspapers she reads from different parts of the world. Thanks to her love of reading and studying languages, she will always disarm you with vocabulary. And she conquers every assigned topic as successfully as the climbing wall she enjoys in her spare time.

Karolína Tesárek

Karolina Tesarek

Giving Tuesday Manager

+420 723 771 507

Karolina has a good sense on Giving Tuesday - just like her pug, Bruno, who sniffs every time she's about to cook her favorite Italian cousine. With all the playfulness she enjoys her daughter Bibi, she also makes sure Giving Tuesday is creative and attractive for new kind souls, who are both between organizations and among followers on social networks. She doesn't have to look at fortune-telling orbs for the development of the project, but just look at the snowballs that she likes to collect. She remains positive with a view of them, as well as with the knowledge that there are still enough kind people around.

Anna Beránková

Anna Berankova



Anna loves the smell of coffee, as well as the smell of new pages of Listí. By the way, she enjoys a lot of coffee when she prepares for all the interviews. Supervision over the text, and if there is something good to go with the coffee, it's a job for her dogs. Anna likes to get to know people's stories and always tries to add empathy and the playfulness of a child's soul to every interview, which still remains in her. It gives her pleasure when she can make someone happy, when she has the opportunity to laugh and maybe even sing every day.

Magdaléna Benešová

Magdalena Benesova

Project Manager


Put Magdalena in charge of any project and she will managef it. She will give it care, playfulness and endurance, just like to her son Vincent. And even if she likes lemon ice cream, she doesn't have to worry about sour faces of the members. She knows that it is necessary to give everyone communication as warm as the sun's rays, moisture in the form of creativity and empathy, which she also indulges the plants in her favorite organic gardening. What if she runs out of inspiration and energy? She would go to recharge it to the mountains or by the ocean.



happiness manažerka

Kdo má přehled o tom, co se děje pod okny kanceláře a zároveň za každým pracovním stolem uvnitř je právě Koko. Její zvědavost se snoubí s potřebou mít přehled o všem, co se kde šustne. Dejte jí jakoukoli pískací hračku, a bude happy. Méně už tým Asociace, ale když je happy Koko, jsou happy všichni. A v tom tkví její pracovní náplň happiness manažerky!