Results of Giving Tuesday 2023: Over 97 million CZK raised


Tuesday, November 28, was dedicated to Giving Tuesday. It was once again a day when the entire world came together to help. Our eighth Czech edition brought record-breaking results. Czechs registered 396 appeals and good deeds, contributing a record-breaking amount of over 97 million CZK.

Clothing and books. How did Czechs help materially?

  • A 20-meter stack of new books distributed through the book grant from Albatros Media to 20 non-profit organizations.
  • 2,851 donated mobile phones as part of the #GivingMobile2023 challenge.
  • 143 kg of sports clothing and equipment donated through a public collection by SK Slavia Prague.
  • 500 packages distributed by 5 volunteers from the Aufori organization on the streets of the Czech Republic.
  • 4.2 tons of food and clothing donated in employee collections.
  • 451 kg of food and toiletries donated by employees in Food Banks.

Finances for children and the disabled. How did Czechs contribute financially?

  • 450,000 CZK distributed to three non-profit organizations thanks to the Štědrý dny ČEPS initiative.
  • 9,396,100 CZK from the most generous employee collection by ČEZ Group and ČEZ Foundation.
  • 25,174,220 CZK donated to the Paraple Center through the charitable work of StarDance 2023.
  • 3,455,100 CZK donated through
  • 3,877,000 CZK donated for children facing difficult destinies through a project by the NROS.

Not everything can be quantified… Good deeds do not always speak the language of numbers. This year, a brand-new bulletin board of good deeds was created, and much immeasurable good was achieved. People ran for the assistance of the disabled, adopted whistles for organ rescue, educated mothers from shelters in financial literacy in their free time, donated blood, or supported assistance dog training through children’s breakfast sales. And much more.

Be generous 366 days a year

The main idea of Giving Tuesday is to inspire good deeds, foster solidarity in people, and above all, not forget that there are people living with us who need our help. It should be a natural part of our lives. #GivingEveryTuesday – let’s perform acts of kindness not just one day a year; let’s make every Tuesday generous. Next year, Giving Tuesday celebrations will be on December 3, 2024.

Partners of the year 2023 edition were Albatros Media and ČEPS. Supporters included, SUPERKODERS, MadLove, and Ipsos.