The most generous Tuesday of the year. Giving Tuesday in the Czech Republic set a new giving record.


Tuesday, December 1, was about generosity and good deeds around the world. Hundreds of millions of people from all over the world came together on this day, Giving Tuesday, to do good deeds. In the Czech Republic, more than CZK 73 million were raised for charitable projects within the Giving Tuesday campaign. Despite the coronavirus crisis, Giving Tuesday became the most generous Tuesday of the year once again.

Every year, the global day of generosity encourages people to do good. This year, 238 organizations registered their activities on the Giving Tuesday website. They called for donations of money, clothing, food and other charitable activities. The results of Ipsos research for the Association of Social Responsibility also show that generosity is definitely not unknown to Czechs. Research made in October 2020 showed that helping others is important for 85 percent of the Czech population.

This year, the Giving Tuesday campaign has focused primarily on how to support people in need in ways that are safe and allow them to do good deeds, even while maintaining social distance. This was also reflected in the behavior of donors, who most often chose to donate online. For example, CZK 7.099.828 was raised for charitable projects through the donation platform

The National Food Collection, as every year, culminated on Giving Tuesday. This year, it has partially moved into the online environment. and Tesco online customers had the opportunity to purchase charitable packages online, and thus help, for example, single mothers, abandoned seniors, children in children’s homes, families in crisis or disabled people. A total of 62.8 tons of food was donated through both online portals, which total worth was CZK 4.791.200.

This year’s most successful public collection was the Heart for Children collection in Lidl. It took place in all stores of the retail chain and people could also contribute online. An incredible amount of CZK 39.000.000 was collected for the organization called Life for Children that help families with seriously ill children.

The most generous employee collection this year was the project “We Fulfill Wishes, We Think of Others”, implemented by ČEZ Group, the ČEZ Foundation and their employees. They managed to raise CZK 5.891.802 to help people in difficult life situations.

In honor of all the good deeds across the Czech Republic, on Tuesday, December 1, after sunset, the Petřín Tower in Prague was lit up in Giving Tuesday colors. At the same time, the Bulovka Hospital in Prague was also lit up. The symbols of the Giving Tuesday heart and a battery shone on the buildings of hospitals and homes for the elderly throughout the whole country as part of the charity activity “Light for Medics” from November 24 to December 1. It symbolically shone for all health professionals, caregivers, volunteers and fellow citizens affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This campaign was a great success in the world and became an inspiration for other foreign Giving Tuesday leaders.

In the Czech Republic, the Association of Social Responsibility has been the national ambassador of Giving Tuesday since 2016. And therefore we are very happy to give thanks to all partners, without whom the campaign would have not been that successful. ČEZ Group and Albatros Media took care of this year’s most generous day of the year. The research partner was the research agency Ipsos. Česko.Digital was the ambassador for the expert volunteering, and platform for online donations. Česká spořitelna was the partner of the project Light for Medics. And graphic and advertising studio MadLove took care of this year’s entire visual identity of Giving Tuesday with love.